Belief VS Action — A Backdated Thought!

Belief VS Action — A Backdated Thought!

This article is specifically written for the Muslim, especially for Bangladeshis Muslims. If you have faith in different religion, I DO respect your belief and request to re-think about going through it. If you are passionate about Islam, it’d be a smart choice for you.

Are you a Muslim? Yes! Are you proud of being that? Definitely yes. Are you ready to sacrifice your life for the sake of Islam? No doubt!!! What do you expect after death? Jannatul Ferdous!!!

Well, all the answers I have written above would be most Bengali Muslim’s answers. I respect your answers, your spirit, and your belief. But I also request you to respect my points and allot some time to go further.

Why are you a Muslim? Does ALLAH really exist? Was there really a person named Prophet Muhammad (SM)? Is really Qur’an a holy book from ALLAH?

Please take some time and think about my questions. If your answer is YES to all of them, let’s go ahead. Otherwise, rethink the questions, please.

Well, Qur’an teaches me life is a very short journey and after-death life is eternal. What I do in this world will be evaluated in later life. I will be rewarded for good works and punished for evil ones.

It’s clearly written in the Qur’an that we’ll be badly punished if we don’t say prayers five times a day. How many times do we say? So, don’t we believe that we’ll be thrown into the fire for not saying prayers? Or do we believe that we’ll not be judged for our activities? Or do we believe that fire cannot burn us? Or do we believe that all these are just fun written in the Qur’an to make jokes with us? Rethink, please!

Riba/Interest is strongly and strictly prohibited in Islam but what we’re doing? We’re saying life isn’t possible without an interest-based banking system. Again, we’re saying we DO believe in the Qur’an that prohibits Interest. So, it seems that what we do is just opposite to our belief and our actions don’t intimidate us. What is false? Interest is Haram or we don’t believe in the Qur’an. Please think again.

Ask yourself — what you believe and what you’re doing. Are there any similarities between beliefs and actions? If my actions don’t match my beliefs, I must focus first on the beliefs because they shape my actions. Please keep in mind that we come alone on this planet and we will leave alone. None will be our partner in the later life, even not our parents, our siblings, or spouse.

Islam isn’t a tough or easy lifestyle. How an Islamic lifestyle directly depends on your belief. The stronger your belief is, the simpler and easier the Islamic life you will find. If you get a chance, please study about Muslims who converted from other religions. You’ll find that they try to follow Islam thoroughly. Do you know why? Because they’re Muslim by choice, not by chance like us.

I won’t say you to say prayers five times a day or stop your normal life. Just request you to think about your beliefs and actions — are they balanced? Your life, your choice!

Thanks for your time! 🙂

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