Life Is Easy And Good, Truly Live It.

Life is beaustiful

How’s your life? Most of the answers that I hear of are – life is complicated, not good, full of problems, frustrating, and so on. Is this the life we dream of? I doubt. So, are we truly living a life or just passing it on? Big question!

What life do we dream of? I think a life that’s full of happiness and success stories. What is preventing us from living our dream life? The answer may be complicated but I always like to simplify it by changing our “belief about life”.

I believe life is a journey where death is certain with the uncertainty of its occurrence. I may pass away today or twenty years later – who knows! If I plan for a twenty-year life, that’d be a stupid idea because the plan may get expired on the very next day. So, we need a balanced plan for the uncertain life.

Most of us are always busy with making a ‘better life’ through earning more money because we believe that money can minimize our problems and maximize our happiness – absolutely wrong idea. Maybe money can help us easily solve a problem but it never cuts down problems, actually, it brings more problems to the table.

If I ask you about some happy memories, I bet that none of them will relate to your financial success. When I think about my happy memories, moments that come across my mind are hanging out with friends, doing something stupid intentionally, achieving something that I find interest in, or outing with family members, and so on.

If money cannot cut down problems or enhance happiness, why are we so much busy with earning money for an uncertain life? I believe it’s a very big question that we all should ponder over, otherwise, we will not get the true taste of life.

The moment you start believing that money cannot buy you happiness, the moment you’ll start living a happy life. Money is essential for survival, let’s earn it as much as it’s necessary but never try for extra.  Invest time on doing things that entertain your heart and make the world smile. If your heart is happy, your world will be.

Let’s truly live our life.

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