Maintaining Healthy Relationship In An Affair, From The Viewpoint Of A Codist

Maintaining Healthy Relationship

Keep a backup relationship: I might sound dirty but believe me, it’s really a solid practical idea. You’ll understand the necessity of a backup relationship once your primary relationship stops working properly.

Don’t input all data: Don’t tell all stories to your partner, otherwise, you will be disbelieved. And never tell the entire part of a story, keep some key parts untold. Telling a lie and telling an incomplete story isn’t the same thing. Incomplete stories can never prove you cheated on someone, rather they will prove you didn’t feel comfortable telling complete stories.

Don’t process all data: You will learn a lot of things from your partner and don’t give an ear to everything. Keep some data unprocessed, otherwise, your processing system will become unsmart and ineffective over time.

Update your relationship: Most operating and software systems are updated frequently. Alike, update your relationship over time. Otherwise, you’ll find some parts of it losing their functionality and utility as time passes by.

Use RAM, not hard drive: RAM contains data for a short time while hard drives for a long time. At some point in life, you’ll find that you need to erase many memories. And it’ll be possible if you store data in RAM, not a hard drive.

Don’t use artificial intelligence: AI is a technique to make decisions automatically based on old data available with the system. Never use that in your relationship. Don’t guess or rely on hypotheses. If your partner never said “I love you”, there will be no room for you to prove that your partner is in love with you. So, just focus on what is explicitly told and store it.

And don’t think that a relationship could ever be digitized. We are human and human relationship demands nothing but mutual trust, respect, sharing, understanding, and caring.

Let’s focus on them, more and more.

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