Well, I’m finally graduate!



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It was 2007 I guess.

A wish just popped up in my mind.

Could I complete graduation in Computer Science?

No, I couldn’t.

The education system in Bangladesh didn’t allow me.

I was a student of Business Studies.

I’m not allowed to study science subjects.

It was 2012.

I completed my graduation in Marketing.

I started freelancing in an online marketplace.

I’m grateful to Tandemic, a Malaysian nonprofit.

And its co-founder, Kal Joffres, A Canadian social innovator.

I spent a good amount of time with Tandemic.

Learned and earned a lot.

In 2014, my old wish started hunting me again.

I was looking for an option to pursue a Bachelor in Computer Science.

Local universities were unable to afford my wish.

Foreign universities were a lot expensive.

All of a sudden, I got to know about the University of the People, UoPeople in short.

UoPeople is a tuition-free online university located in CA, USA.

I asked them, “Can I pursue a Bachelor in CS at your university?”

The answer was straight and simple, “Yes”.

The university authority asked me to send over my academic documents with the affidavit.

I sent over.

Then confirmed my enrollment.

I started a new learning journey.

The journey was different, fascinating, and full of fun.

I got in touch with a variety of teachers from different countries, ages, races, and religions.

Some of them are super sincere, some are too straight, and some are friendly.

Well, my fellow classmates were way more fun.

Some of my classmates were the age of my grandpa.

Some classmates were from countries where death is at their door.

A classmate from Syria wrote something like “I don’t know if I’d live tomorrow but I want to learn today”.

At some points, the journey was tough.

Some courses were really difficult.

They require extra concentration and support.

But UoPeople basically follows the self-learning process.

UoPeople terms consist of 9 weeks.

3 graded quizzes, 9 discussion boards, 9 assignments, 9 learning journals.

All of them make 100 marks.

You’ve to obtain below 60 to achieve grade F, and 98 to 100 to achieve A+.

I never achieved grade F, nor A+.

And I’ve finally completed my graduation.

It cost me $4000 to complete my graduation.

$100 exam fee for each course.

UoPeople offers scholarships for poor students.

Specially from South African countries and third-world countries like Bangladesh.

Many people asked me if UoPeople’s degree is world-recognized.

Well, UoPeople is US Govt. accredited.

It got the accreditation after 5 years of its commencement.

What about industrial acceptance?

Let’s learn about Shair’s story.

Sharif Mia recently migrated to the USA.

He’s Bangladeshi, completed graduation from the National University.

Then he started pursuing Computer Science at UoPeople.

Now he’s a senior student.

Before moving to the USA, he applied for an IT job with his UoPeople 3rd year’s transcripts.

And he was able to secure a job of $80K/first year, and $90K/second year.

Yes, a UoPeole 3rd year student from Bangladesh has secured an IT job in the USA with his ongoing study.

About me — I’m doing (and earning :p) a lot better after my graduation.

Are you excited?

Want to pursue a Bachelor in Computer Science or Business Administration?

Apply at UoPeople.

Its website is uopeople.edu.

Can you not pay tuition fees or other fees?

Contact me.

I have access to PayPal and international cards.

I can make your payments easily.

Contact me at [email protected] should you have any quries.

Thank you!



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